Donate those clothes, toys, household items!

There are several organizations that will pick up used clothing, toys, small furniture, and household items.  As a general rule of thumb, they will not take anything that requires 2 people to move, i.e. a sofa or china cabinet.  Also, even if you think the article of clothing is hideous, they’ll take any clothing that isn’t torn or stained.  Most organizations will not take televisions, computer monitors or microwave ovens.

Some organizations like, Vietnam Vets, are on a weekly schedule by town.  For example, they come to Wellesley on Wednesdays, Newton on Tuesdays.  You can go to to schedule Vietnam Vets to pick up donation items.  You choose where you will leave the items, for example on the driveway or front porch.  Items are requested to be out by 8 AM, so it’s often easier to get them out the night before, but beware of a rainy forecast when scheduling donation pick ups, or cover with nylon/plastic drop cloth if you have one.  You can print out the donation pick up confirmation and tape it to one of the donation bags/boxes to clearly identify what’s being picked up.

If the Vietnam Vets donation pick up schedule doesn’t work for you, or you just want to see what other organizations might be in  your area, check out   Here you’ll create a free account and you can schedule a pick up from your organization of choice or schedule a donation pick up by date.

Often times, my clients get started on an organizing project, but then they lose momentum when they can’t get the donation items out the door, and those giveaways get shoved into another closet or some other dumping ground, so I often schedule donation pick ups for them and/or take small amounts to our towns “take and leave” recyclable area.

These organizations will take smaller donations (1-3 bags/boxes) medium sized donations (4-15 bags/boxes) or even larger donations (15+ bags/boxes).  If you have larger items, such as furniture and appliances, you may need a clean out company to help you organize your space.  More about that next….