Prioritize Your To-Do’s with Today’s Top 3

Let’s face it – most of us feel overwhelmed by too many to-do’s on a daily basis. But while there is always a lot to do in the lives most of us live, I often remind myself that it doesn’t have to all get done today. Many of us do benefit from a running to-do list – a place to capture to-do’s on “paper” and get them out of our head – but looking at that list every morning as what needs to get done can easily be overwhelming. [Read more…]

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

backyard-chain-grass-274679Whether it’s a weekend or a week or more, it can be hard to get back into the swing of things when you get home from a summer vacation. But the sooner you do, the better you’ll feel, freeing you up to enjoy your summertime at home too. Here are 3 tips to get you back on track: [Read more…]

Get it Done in 15 Minutes a Day

alarm-clock-classic-clock-1179476Whether you are trying to accomplish a goal or tackle a nagging project, making small consistent amounts of progress can get you there faster than you think, and might be the difference between getting it done and not doing it at all. Many times, we wait and wait and wait until conditions are perfect – we’ve done everything else around the house, we have a chunk of uninterrupted time, and we have the energy to dive into our project or work toward our goal. And of course, those perfect conditions never happen, so we never make any progress. [Read more…]