Turn the “dumping ground” into functional space

So, you want to convert the “dumping ground” in your home into usable space. First, you have to clean out the space.  Decide what you are keeping and the rest goes!  Easier, said than done, right?  Well, while you may be able to take the trash and donation items to your local recycle center in several trips, you will be able to clear out the space more efficiently if you hire a clean out company.  There are many clean out or junk removal companies in the Boston metrowest area.  Clean out companies will take trash and reusable/recycleable items as well as hazardous waste (i.e. paint) and other large items such as refrigerators and microwaves.   Some clean out companies will dismantle larger items such as pool tables and home gym equipment.

When  hiring a clean out company, have 2 or 3 different companies come by to give you an estimate.  Make sure they are licensed and insured.  The estimate should include how many people will come to clean out your space and what type of vehicle they will use to clean it out (pick up truck, van, dump truck or box truck?)  Ask how long they think it’ll take to clean out the space.   Ask if there are additional charges for removing paint, referigerator, or other bulky items or for dismanteling any larger pieces.

I’ve been using Beantown Clean Outs at my clients for a while now and they have always done a great job.  They are reliable, efficient and fair.   (781) 620 2623  Tell Bill I sent you!

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