Storing kids’ sentimentals

I’m a sentimental person. I like to keep things that bring back happy memories.   I worked at Walt Disney World for a number of years and opened 2 DisneyQuests.  It was such a fun, crazy time that I’m proud of, but I can’t keep everything associated with that chunk of time.  Fast forward and I’m now married with 3 kids and there are a lot of happy memories and I know I can’t keep everything.  Removing unnecessary items from an untidy or overcrowded space does not mean that the item or the time associated with that item isn’t important to you.

Each child has a sweater box from The Container Store that stores their coming-home-from-hospital outfit, and other items like their Christening outfit and candle.  Ryan used to wear a blue Magnum-PI-style Hawaiian shirt my parents got him.  He LOVED that shirt. That’s in his box.  Like the schoolwork memory boxes, there is a finite amount of space, so you can’t keep everything.  Be selective in what you keep.  You might want to toss in a few cedar balls to keep pesky insects away. When (or if) they ever tire of their loveys, those will go in the box.  I can’t even imagine….