Spring Cleaning!

I recently worked with a client who wanted to organize his garage.  He knew he wanted to get garden tools and shovels off the ground and was open to suggestions.  First we talked about how he wanted to use the garage.  There were two alcoves.  A refrigerator was already in the larger alcove and he wanted to add a chest freezer.  Both parents work outside of the home and he wanted to be able to store extra meat and other frozen foods.  After talking about the benefits of a standing freezer and utilizing vertical space, his mind was changed and he knew he would shop for a standing freezer.  The smaller alcove was close to the garage door, so we ultimately decided to tuck the lawn mower away in that nook and mount the snow rake and extension and shovels to the wall in that alcove.   Next we determined what items in the garage could be discarded or donated.  Then we measured the length of the walls we planned to use to hang the tools and items and took iventory of what was going onto the walls.  That was the end of our first session.  Here are a couple of “before” pictures.

DSC_8055 DSC_8049

Armed with my list, I headed to one of my favorite stores, The Container Store.  I ordered Elfa Platinum Easy Hang top tracks and the accessory hooks and scheduled installation.  Easy peasy.  Done just in time for spring gardening!  Here’s what it looked like “after”.  Now if only it would start feeling like Spring!!

DSC_8065 DSC_8059