Spring Clean While You Declutter

baskets-clean-color-271711_pexelsThis time of year, it seems like spring cleaning how-to’s and checklists are everywhere! While an annual deep clean is a great idea, it can seem very overwhelming, especially if you know you’ve got clutter in the way! Who wants to waste time cleaning around and under stuff you know you don’t need?!

So what’s the answer? We could continue to put off both deep cleaning and decluttering because the whole thing just seems too overwhelming. OR – we could tackle the two together – making progress one space at a time. Why does this make so much sense? Because – step one of any good organizing project is to completely empty out the space you’re organizing! Whether it’s a drawer, a shelf, a cabinet or a closet, you have to take everything out so you can see what you have and make decisions on what to keep.

Once the space is empty, you’ve got the perfect opportunity for a thorough cleaning. This is also a nice break from thinking about what you’re going to get rid of and how you’re going to organize what’s left. So wipe down shelves, closet rods, and any other surfaces. Clean drawer dividers and other organizing helpers. If it’s a bigger space, give the floor and baseboards a good vacuuming and wipe-down.

With a clean space, you’re ready to get back to organizing. Only put back what you really need, use and love. The rest should go. Whether you put stuff out on the curb, post it online or pack up your car for the donation center – get it out the door as quickly as possible. Remember – the less you put back, the easier it will be to maintain an organized AND clean space.

Don’t panic if it feels like your whole house needs to be decluttered and deep cleaned. The key to success here is to keep your projects small. You’re not going to be able to clear out, deep clean and organize your entire basement (or any larger space) in one session. Just focus on one set of shelves, or the laundry area, or the workbench. Keep your projects manageable and you’ll be on your way decluttered and deep-cleaned!