Refresh Your Closet with this Easy Upgrade

platinumHuggable2 (1)It’s finally starting to feel a bit like spring in Boston! Wouldn’t it be nice to refresh your closet as you switch out the winter gear for lighter clothes? It can be easier than you think with this quick closet upgrade we recommend to all our clients!

First things first, it’s time to clear out what you don’t wear!

  • If you can, take everything out of your closet! We’re serious.
  • Donate everything you didn’t wear or wore but didn’t love this past season. Be ruthless – if you didn’t wear it this year, you’re not going to next year. Someone else will make good use of it, but only if you let it go!
  • Set aside winter items you’re done with for the season. Make time to clean them and store them away during the warmer weather.

Decide what’s going back into your closet for the spring season – think of this as April-June.

  • Ideally, you’re only putting back what you LOVE to wear – it fits you, makes you feel good and works with your current lifestyle.
  • Think of it as packing for a trip – what would you take with you? Probably your favorite and most versatile pieces.
  • Hopefully, you’ll end up with a curated collection that will make for happier and easier mornings!
  • If you’re left with a pile of things you’re not sure about, give them another look and add to your donate pile if you can. Box up the rest and give yourself a 3-6 month deadline – if you haven’t missed them, it’s time to let them go.

Now it’s time for the quick and easy upgrade!

  • If you’re like most people, you have a mis-matched collection of hangers ranging from dry-cleaner to wood, to plastic, to specialty hangers you thought would change your life. It’s ok – we’ve all been there.
  • But here’s the real game-changer – upgrading to 100% (or nearly) matching hangers will make-over your closet in an instant!
  • Choose a strong, simple, versatile hanger that can handle all types of clothes. My favorite are Huggable Hangers – they’re strong enough for a men’s suit and won’t let those tiny little spaghetti straps slip off. I recommend using only the suit-style Huggable Hangers since they work for both pants and tops.
  • The magic of uniform hangers is less visual clutter and better functionality! You will notice a huge change in how your closet looks and better yet, how you feel every time you open it. Are you ready for an upgrade?