Now that the kids are back to school, here’s how to stay organized.

The kids are back to school and clients often ask for my help on how to keep all the paperwork organized.  I often recommend the Pottery Barn daily system.  It is a versatile system, available in white, mahogany, black or stainless steel finish that can be customized for your family or household.  The “letter bin” is great spot for kids’ home/school folders and paperwork.  I recommend designating one slot per person in the family.  The white board calendar is a great visual reminder for kids’ activities.  The “corkboard” or “linen pinboard” is a great place to post items such as party invitations or the school lunch menu.  The “office organizer” component is a great place for keys and as a landing place for sunglasses. Perfect system to create a family command center!   Click here to see all the options.