It’s laundry day!

Once per week I do laundry.  Yup, household of 5 and I do laundry on Mondays.  Each child has his/her own laundry basket and my husband and I share one.  I do each child’s laundry separately, my husbands and mine together and one mixed whites.  Towels get washed all together.   Clothes that do not go in the dryer (like workout clothes) get washed all together.  Each person’s laundry goes in the wash then the dryer then back into their own laundry basket for folding and putting away.   No more sorting clothes!  I’d rather do 6+ loads and get it done on one day than doing the task throughout the entire week.  Maybe it’s because I feel a sense of accomplishment that the task is done… that is, until next Monday.

laundry room