I am glad I had Jen of Contained Home’s help…

“Considering myself very organized and opinionated, I wasn’t sure that I needed or wanted the help of a professional organizer. After installing four closets, I am glad I had Jen of Contained Home’s help.

When Jen walked in the door it was apparent that she was very professional. She could see that I had attention to detail, but had never designed a bedroom closet before. I didn’t need help weeding out items or setting up the closet once it was installed, but if did I have no doubt she would be very good at this.

After looking at my current closets and their contents, Jen was able to steer me efficiently into how much space I needed horizontally and vertically for my hanging objects. Initially, I thought i wanted to minimize hanging space, but because of her guidance to hang as much as possible, I made changes to my current closet to test her theory. Jen was 100% right and my final closet designs are better because of her advice. Because of an architecture design one of our closets has short depth for part of the space. Jen let me know that there were different size hangers at the Container Store and that some would work with the design. We use those hangers appreciatively today. Jen was very responsive getting all my questions answered. While I had confidence in the Container Store making things right, I felt more comfortable that things would not go wrong to begin with working with Jen.”

Marion Robbins, Weston, MA | October 2015