Five 5-Minute Projects for a More Organized Kitchen

KT_18_Drawer_Steps_After_RGBMaking use of those little pockets of free time that pop up throughout the day can add up to major progress on those organizing projects you keep meaning to get to. Try out one of these 5 simple kitchen projects next time you have 5 free minutes. Do one a day and you’ll be on your way to a more organized space in less than a week. Mini projects are also a great way to build momentum if you’re having trouble getting started! Ready, set, go!

  1. Clean Out Your Utensil Drawer – Empty the drawer or space where you keep your everyday utensils. Grab a cleaning wipe and give the drawer and utensil try a quick wipe down. Put back only what you use on a regular basis. Put duplicates, randoms and anything you just don’t use in a bag or box for donation. Done!
  2. Sort Through Your Plastic Storage Ware – Empty out the space where you store plastic food storage containers. Give the shelf or drawer a quick wipe down. Match up containers and lids. Recycle anything cracked or lid-less and donate excess items you just don’t need. Nest like containers and lids and use larger containers to corral smaller ones. Done!
  3. Review Your Spices – Take out and review your collection of spices and seasonings. Toss anything expired or that your family just isn’t using. Make a note of staples you need to buy. Give the shelf a quick wipe down and put everything back – grouping like items together. Done!
  4. Free up Fridge Space – Give your fridge a top to bottom review and toss old leftovers, condiments and any other unidentified or past-their-prime foods. Give any spills a quick wipe while you’re at it. Group all condiments together and create zones for other staples in your fridge – beverages, yogurts/snacks, etc. – whatever makes sense for your family. Done!
  5. Clear out the Clutter – Grab a box, bin or bag and walk through your kitchen gathering anything that doesn’t belong – papers, toys, sports equipment, etc. Spend the final few minutes putting things where they belong. Bonus – this mini project will get you some extra steps too! And Done!

Let these 5 minute projects inspire you to come up with your own and keep the organizing going!