Almost time for ghosts and goblins!

If you ask my kids, they will tell you that Christmas, Halloween and Easter are their favorite holidays.  Who doesn’t love getting presents and candy?!  Soon, I’ll bring up the “Halloween bin”  which has each child’s trick or treating bag and Halloween decorations.  I use the Container Store clear bins to store holiday and seasonal stuff, so there’s a bin for Easter, Halloween, many bins for Christmas and a bin for summer seasonal stuff.   I store the bins on a shelving unit like this one  from Home Depot.  These shelving units are great, by the way, and can be easily assembled in 45 minutes or so.

If you store seasonal items like this, you can save time and money by not buying them again each year because you can’t find them or because you’ve tossed them since you don’t have a system in place to store them.   If you do have to buy a new Easter basket, look for ones with a collapsible handle, they’ll store much easier!

halloween storage