10 Things to Get Out of Your Closet Today

When you’re starting an organizing project, it can be helpful to give yourself a jump-start with a quick purge of easy and obvious items you can let go of. It’s like peeling back the first layer so you can more clearly see where you’re headed next. Starting with a quick purge also helps you build momentum that will keep you going. If tackling your closet is on your project list, here are 10 ideas of things you can let go of today to jump-start your progress!

  1. Clothes with stains and/or holes
  2. Clothes/shoes that don’t fit you now
  3. Clothes/shoes that don’t match your current lifestyle and work
  4. Clothes/shoes that don’t work with anything else you own
  5. Jewelry and special occasion items that you never wear
  6. Dry cleaning hangers and bags
  7. Shopping bags and receipts
  8. Items to return or consign
  9. Things that belong to other people
  10. Anything that doesn’t belong in your closet

Be sure to move anything you’ve decided to let go out the door as soon as possible. Put trash and recycling out immediately, donations and returns in the car, and find other homes for items that really don’t make sense in your closet. With this quick purge under your belt, you’ve built momentum you can use for a deeper dive into decluttering your wardrobe or for the next organizing project on your list!