Dream closet inspiration

Check out these stylish closets. Love the organization (of course!) and pops of color.   After you refresh an area of your home, you gaze adoringly at the space when you walk by, right?  You can (and should!)  feel that way about your closet.   I can help style and organize your existing closet or we can start fresh and create a new closet with a definitive organizational plan.

Top Organizing Tips for Closets

Check out these tips for organizing your closet.  Just in time for swapping out your fall/winter wardrobe for spring/summer clothes!   Our best-selling elfa storage solutions are featured in #4, #8, #10, our drawer storage units in #22 and our clear stackable shoe drawers are featured in #23.  [Note how the shoes are stored heel to toe.  This maximizes the use of space and you can see the front of the shoe plus the heel style at a glance.]



102 Best Tips to Get Your Home Super Organized

Lots of great tips to inspire you to get organized!  My favs: #2 organizing plastic food container lids, #3, organizing hot hair tools (that file box is The Container Store’s!) and #23 store your shoes heel to toe for maximum use of shelf space.


Organizing tip | Folded clothes

I recommend hanging as much clothing as possible but if you lack sufficient hanging space or just prefer to fold your clothes, here’s a tip.  If you fold your sweaters, t-shirts or jeans and stand them up in your drawer, you can more easily see what you have and find what you want.  If you stack clothes on a shelf or in a drawer, selecting the bottom item or one from the middle often results in a messy stack.  This tip works for storing and organizing scarves, too.

file organized sweaters in drawer

Free Elfa installation!!

Receive FREE elfa installation when you spend $750 or more on your elfa design – but only through June 30th! Contact me to get started!

white elfa decor his and hers

Two year anniversary with The Container Store!!

Can’t believe it’s already been two years! I love meeting new clients and helping them create storage solutions that look beautiful and are easy to maintain. 
The only way to do great work quote

Neatspaces is expanding!

I am so excited to introduce Heather Delleo and Jen McGrath, Neatspaces’ newest organizers!  As professional organizers, we have it in our blood.  It is something that comes naturally.  We enjoy the process of organizing a space and helping our clients.  Heather’s first client was a neighbor when she was 10 years old. She helped scrub the vinyl cushions for her outdoor furniture and neatly stored them. As a young child, Jen could be found rearranging furniture and organizing drawers and cabinets. Heather and Jen are also members of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) New England and bring a diverse professional background in retail management and clinical psychology, respectively, to the team.  They will continue to impact the lives of clients by helping them declutter, organize their spaces, and simply their lives. Welcome, Heather and Jen!  http://www.neatspaces.biz/our-team/

I am glad I had Jen of Contained Home’s help…

“Considering myself very organized and opinionated, I wasn’t sure that I needed or wanted the help of a professional organizer. After installing four closets, I am glad I had Jen of Contained Home’s help.

When Jen walked in the door it was apparent that she was very professional. She could see that I had attention to detail, but had never designed a bedroom closet before. I didn’t need help weeding out items or setting up the closet once it was installed, but if did I have no doubt she would be very good at this. [Read more…]

I would highly recommend Jennifer and elfa closets!

“Working with Jennifer Bardorf was a pleasure. She was very efficient, knowledgeable, and patient. We had a total of 9 closets, 7 of which we installed elfa closets in. She was very conscientious about measuring and making sure she had all of the information she needed to take away to create the designs and estimates for all of the closets. She even made suggestions unrelated to elfa that would make our closets feel like special places such as lighting and mirrors. I felt like that showed that she had a real interest in ensuring our closets were the best spaces they could be. [Read more…]

Jennifer has an amazingly friendly and positive approach…

“We worked Jennifer to design multiple ELFA systems for our kitchen pantry, garage and 2 children’s closets. We were inundated with the amount of closet companies out there. We had our master bedroom closet done and spent nearly $6000 on the material and installation from a reputed company and are not nearly as pleased as we are with our $1500 children’s closets or our $2000 garage installation from the Container Store cutting the cost in half and a better overall product. [Read more…]